Over the next few weeks, President Obama is set to use his pen-wielding hand to release dozens of federal prisoners currently behind bars for nonviolent drug offenses.

According to reports from The New York Times, said action will most likely result in Obama having pardoned more prisoners “at one time than any president has in nearly half a century.”

Even though Obama’s total number of pardons is quite impressive (he’s reported to surpass 80 by the time the he sets his pen back down on the desk), it’s a mere drop in the proverbial bucket when compared to that of the more than 30,000 application requests that were made by federal prisoners when his administration first called for those who wished to be forgiven to step up.

But, a complicated review process has kept the majority of those 30,000+ applications from ever reaching the Oval Office for perusing and final approval.

So, those prisoners whose applications successfully traversed the federal nasal appraisal should definitely consider themselves one of the few, the proud, the pardoned.

It’s quite obvious that our country’s current system for interpreting and enforcing laws is in need of serious reform.

Don’tcha think so?

Now, if he’d just abolish the antiquated drug war all together, right?

Use that pen, son!