Thanks to a newly inked law, farmers in Connecticut will now have the option of cultivating the most miraculous plant genus known to all mankind, hemp.

The new law originated as House Bill 5780, which successfully traversed the state’s House of Representatives by an all but unanimous decision of 142-2 on June 2, and went to effectively pass the Senate by an undisputed vote of 36-0 on June 3.

It became law without a signature from Governor Malloy and is effective from July 1, as Public Act 15-202.

Said law will lift the ban on industrial hemp farming in the state.

In addition, the Act in question will eliminate any reference of industrial hemp from the part of the state’s criminal code that classifies marijuana as a prohibited controlled drug.

In a nutshell (or in this case, a hemp seed), under the newly inked Act, government officials will essentially treat hemp just as any other legal common agricultural crop.

The farm bill that was signed into law back in 2014 only permits states that previously had laws on the books allowing hemp farming to grow the crop.

So, technically, farmers in Connecticut that decide to cultivate hemp would risk being prosecuted by the federal government.

It’s way past time to abolish the antiquated federal and state laws regarding hemp and its beloved THC-rich cousin marijuana.

Don’tcha think so?

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