A bill that would decriminalize the cultivation, possession and consumption of cannabis in Chile has successfully traversed the South American country’s lower house of Congress via a substantial margin.

The initial vote made by the lower house tallied in at 68-39, which will move the legislation ahead to a health committee for further review.

After the bill undergoes said scrutiny via the health committee it will then return to the chambers of the lower house of Congress where the members will make decisions regarding each of the precise aspects of the legislation’s language.

If it effectively passes the second round of nasal appraisal by the lower house it will then advance to Chile’s Senate for yet another sequence of analysis.

As of right now, the language of the proposed bill would permit the possession of up to 10 grams of the good-good and allow the cultivation of up to 6 plants per household.

Communist lawmaker Karol Cariola, who is part of President Michelle Bachelet’s leftist coalition, told reporters that the vote by the lower house was significant.

Here’s what Cariola had to say:

It is a historic day for medicinal users who wish to stop being persecuted and be able to access a medicine that they can grow in their gardens.

We couldn’t agree more.

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