Hemp History Week is well underway all around the globe as farmers, businesses and hemp advocates sow the seed and show their appreciation for the one plant genus that the late, great Jack Herer believed could “save the planet”.

Whether you wear it, eat it or live in a house that’s made out of it, the use of hemp is an element of today’s culture that is sharply on the rise. And truthfully, it’s an aspect that should have been instilled in our civilization from long ago rather than unduly outlawed by a group of influential elitist with an unquenchable lust for power.

But regardless of the fact that our forefathers failed us miserably concerning the prohibition of cannabis of all types, we’re slowing but surely pulling the proverbial wool from society’s eyes and revealing the truth about a plant that may not necessarily be able to rescue the earth, so to speak, but could quite credibly reduce our dependence on foreign oil supplies or the need to “frack” up the planet.

The sixth annual Hemp History Week crusade was initiated on Monday, bringing over 1,400 events including documentary film screenings, cooking demonstrations, retail promotions, educational outreach, spring hemp plantings and hemp home building courses to the public.

Said campaign is designed to muster a little (or a lot) gusto on the topic of abolishing the federal government’s antiquated ban on the farming of hemp in America.

This now internationally recognized movement is organized by the great folks over at Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp and runs all week from June 1-7, so check your area for a hemp-inspired event of some sort or plan one of your very own in order to show your support for ending the prohibition of cannabis.

Be sure to check out the attached video from Vote Hemp 🙂