For this edition of Saturday At The Movies we’re checking out all three installments of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s eye-opening documentary series “Weed”.

Dr. Gupta was initially known for his stance against using marijuana for medicinal purposes. But once he decided to further investigate its multitude of beneficial properties, he quickly changed his tune in support of legalizing the therapeutic use of the plant.

The initial documentary of this series introduced the medicinal attributes of marijuana to millions of people, which would initiate the exile of several families with suffering loved ones to states where they could legally access the substance.

We’re truly grateful for what Dr. Gupta has done for the medical marijuana community and hope that eyes will continue to be opened in respect to the massive amount of advantageous aspects that this amazing plant genus has to offer all walks of life.

Keep up the good fight, Dr. Gupta! Weed appreciate it!

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“Weed 2”

“Weed 3”

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