Oregon’s Measure 91 is about to go into effect on Wednesday, July 1. Well, to a certain degree, that is.

It looks as if you can add Oregon to the list of states that has passed some form of marijuana legalization but can’t figure out how to fully implement the legislation.

As of the abovementioned date, residents of The Beaver State that are age 21 and older will be permitted to legally possess up to eight ounces of marijuana in their home and up to one ounce while outside their home, and they will also be allowed cultivate a total of four plants at their residence, as long as it’s not in view of the public.

The new law also permits the retailing and cultivation of marijuana on a commercial basis, but just like other states with similar laws on the books, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is the entity responsible for writing the rules regarding commercial cultivation and distribution, has apparently been busy resting their thumbs in their bums.

So, exactly when will Oregonians be able to legally purchase a stash of the sticky stuff from a state-licensed pot shop?

Well, if the Liquor Control Commission holds true to their deadline (ahem, don’t hold your pot hit too long waiting), they expect to begin accepting applications from prospective pot farmers on January 1, and then hope to have stores open for business by next fall after the farmers harvest their crops.


Way to bring an end to the black market situation, Oregon. Not!

At least it’s legal to hold and grow your own (GYO), which is way better than the situation for the majority of the nation right now. Sayin’?.? 😉

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