So far so good in Minnesota ūüėČ

Unlike some other states that have done some serious dropping of the proverbial ball in respect to implementing their laws concerning the therapeutic use of marijuana (like Illinois, for example), Minnesota has kept true to their program’s execution timeline.

On May 29, 2014, the Minnesota Legislature enacted the law that created the Medical Cannabis Program.

In June 2014, the Minnesota Department of Health began hiring individuals in order to fill positions at the newly-created Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC), which is the entity responsible for setting up the program’s registry system.

In December 2014, the state’s Commissioner of Health registered two in-state manufacturers for production of medical marijuana products in Minnesota.

On June 1, 2015, the OMC began accepting applications from individuals seeking to be registered patients or a designated caregiver.

And as of July 1, 2015, those that successfully registered with the program will be able to purchase medical marijuana products from the state’s first dispensary.

Said dispensary, Minnesota Medical Solutions, will open their doors to Minnesota’s medical marijuana patient register on Wednesday July 1, as scheduled via the Medical Cannabis Program.

The products available at the state’s first dispensary will only be sold in the form of pills, tinctures and concentrated oils, per state law.

So, for those that find relief via some form of combustion, you’ll have to remain an outlaw in the eyes of the state.

Oy. Someday, maybe.?.?

Hang tough, those that prefer to puff! ūüôā

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