Excuse me while I blow clouds at the sky.

A company that claims to have rights to Jim Hendrix’s likeness has entered into an agreement to create a line of marijuana products using the late guitarist’s imagery and song titles, according to an announcement this week.

Nutritional High International Inc. will create “various marijuana and hemp-based edible products” inspired by Hendrix, the company said in a statement.

The firm says it made an exclusive licensing deal with Hendrix’s Purple Haze Properties LLC to create “a variety of products under the ‘Edibles Experience’ banner … including the ‘Purple Haze’ line of THC-based products and the ‘Stone Free’ line of CBD-based, non-psychoactive health products.”

Are today’s stoners even old enough to remember Hendrix’s songs?

David Posner, CEO of Nutritional High, says:

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most legendary rock guitarists of all time and this partnership should create instant brand recognition for our edible marijuana products by Jimi’s fans across North America. Entering into brand partnerships with the world’s foremost marijuana-related artists is a core component of our strategy, and we are honored to become part of Jimi’s legacy.

The deal, the company says, could also include the production of Hendrix-branded “hemp oil-infused products including gummy bears, hard candies and health and energy drinkable products.”

It comes after Cannabis Science, Inc. announced last month that it has its own agreement to create “Jimi’s Cannabis Collection” strains.

It also announced that Purple Haze Properties was developing Purple Haze Lounges worldwide, with the first such clubs slated for Los Angeles and Denver.

Help me.