As we recently reported, the First Church of Cannabis was set to open their doors to parishioners on Wednesday for their inaugural service, which was to include partaking in the consumption of pot. But Indianapolis’ authorities warned the church that anyone caught holding, smoking/consuming, or even standing next to someone holding weed could be arrested for doing so.

Well, it looks as if the church’s leader/creator, Bill Levin, has heeded the stern warnings from local law enforcement officials in regards to puffing the sticky stuff on/at the church property and has decided to sacrifice their sacrament in order to avoid being arrested.

Here’s what Levin told the Indianapolis Star in regards to his decision to decline consuming the dank at the church’s service:

Right now, we do not want to address this in criminal court, because it’s not a strong hand. If we address this in civil court, we have a stronger hand.

So, there you have it.

Maybe they should change the name from the First Church of Cannabis to something more apropos, such as the First Church of Can-be-arrested-for-consuming-cannabis.?.?

Just sayin’. ūüėČ