The individuals responsible for enforcing the law in Indianapolis have warned those that might have plans to attend the initial service of the First Church of Cannabis on July 1 that they could be facing arrest if they do so.

Bill Levin, the church’s creator and marijuana legalization advocate, is of the belief that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act permits he and his parishioners to use marijuana as a sacrament during a religious ceremony, which is the same principle that the church was founded upon.

But according to Indianapolis’ finest, anyone caught in possession of, smoking on, or in the company of cannabis could be arrested.

So, basically, if you show up to the First Church of Cannabis’ first service there’s a possibility that you could be leaving in handcuffs.

Here’s what the church’s founder told 24 Hour News 8 concerning he and his parishioners’ use of cannabis for religious dedications:

We get closer to ourselves. We get closer to love. We get closer with cannabis. We don’t pray to it, we pray with it.

Ya, we dig. We pray that we never run out.

Here’s what Levin had to say in response to the threat of arrest by the authorities:

I plan to fall on the sword.

Ouch! That sounds less than fun.

Be sure to check out the attached video news clip for more on this developing story.

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