A bill cruising through the California legislature wants to regulate marijuana dispensaries, test weed for safety and standardize edibles.

The bill, the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Control Act, would create an office of Medical Cannabis Regulation under Gov. Jerry Brown.

It would also establish a Division of Medical Cannabis Manufacturing and Testing and a Division of Medical Cannabis Cultivation.

This may all sound onerous, but this legislation, by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, has something many in the collective community have been asking for:

State licenses for dispensaries. That, for many, finally amounts to official recognition.

That’s been desired for decades, particularly in light of federal and local crackdowns on collectives deemed legal by the state.

However, the proposed law says that only dispensaries already approved by their local governments would be eligible for state licenses.

Dispensary workers would have to receive special training under the law, too.

Bonta said in a statement that the bill will “fix a system that has been broken for almost two decades.” But it remains to be seen if the marijuana community is 100 percent behind it.

The legislation passed the state Assembly and is on its way to the Senate for its process.

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