Now this really is the Classic OG that many of us fell in love with for the first time, perhaps you didn’t even know what you were smoking, but as soon as you smoke or vape these, you’re sure to have flashbacks from the first experience.

Memories of fresh cut pine trees and tasty waves during the grunge era is what reminds us of this strain. It’s amazing how your nose can remind you of memories, just as soon as you smell it.

These are serious buds that mean business, as soon as you inhale this thick yet smooth smoke, we think you’ll agree it’s the real thing. These buds are very dense and have great color and depth of crystals that sparkle in the light.

When you need a serious OG for your next celebration, this should be your go to strain.
Exclusive Caregivers
6200 S. Wilton Place, Los Angeles.

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Strain Review: Exclusive Caregivers'- Classic OG
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