Sedalia, MO.- Last Thursday, in the small town of Sedalia, a hysterical woman dialed 911. The unidentified woman claimed to have been held captive by a tyrannical sexual sadist for 4 months. She said that he had kept her locked in a 4ft by 8ft wooden box. When police arrived at the residence, the suspect had fled the scene. They found the box.

The suspect was James Barton Horn Jr. He had been accused of raping and torturing three other women prior to the latest developments. A Judge deemed him unlikely of reoffending, and his prison sentence of 12 years was considered lenient for his previous crimes. There is currently a manhunt underway for Horn, who is considered dangerous.

On the same day the captive woman escaped her prison, another Sedalia resident fought for freedom. Chris Mizanskey handed over 390,000 signatures to Governor Jay Nixon. Chris had started an online petition, begging for his father to be released from jail. Jeff Mizanskey, a father and grandfather, is currently serving a life sentence without parole for a marijuana related offense. He has never been convicted of a violent crime, and spends his time mentoring other prisoners.

Jeff Mizansky sits in a small cell, only two hours away from where Horn had been keeping the 38-year-old woman locked in a box. Horn had previously been jailed for 12 years. Horn’s probation officers, stationed in the same county as Mizanskey, claimed a lack of resources prevented them from monitoring his activity. Yet, state resources have kept Jeff Mizansky in jail for 21 years.

Who is more dangerous to society? The rapist or the stoner?

By Guest Author- Amy Lane