The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the most backwards, anti-marijuana bureaucracy in the federal government, has a new boss.

Hallelujah, you say.

Such praise could be premature. But former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg, selected by President Obama to be acting director of the anti-drug police agency, can’t possibly be worse than Michele Leonhart.

She announced last month that she’s retiring from her role as chief of the agency. It feels like she was pushed out.

Leonhart appeared to defy Congressional legislation when she continued to crack down on medical marijuana suspects in states where it’s legal.

She even opposed President Obama’s own softening views on marijuana.

Decriminalization groups the Drug Policy Alliance have started to lobby Congress to keep a tighter watch on the agency and on its budget, given how much power the DEA can have over people’s lives.

DPA national director Bill Piper says:

The new DEA chief has a tough job ahead. Let’s hope he’s in line with the political consensus in favor of scaling back mass incarceration and the worst harms of the drug war.

Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, said in a statement:

It’s time to reform not just the DEA but broader U.S. and global drug policy. The optimal drug policy would reduce the role of criminalization and the criminal justice system in drug control to the greatest extent possible, while protecting public safety and health.

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