It’s been 15 years since citizens of the Aloha State voted to legalize the therapeutic use of marijuana for those that qualify. And during this time, patients that qualified for the state’s medical marijuana program have had to either grow their own supply or hope that the Ganja Fairy delivers a quality reserve to their doorstep in the middle of the night.

But thanks to the recent progress of House Bill 321, those same Ganja Fairy-dependent patients may soon have a legal place to access their medication of choice.

The bill, which was approved by the final legislative committee on Monday, will now be shuffled over to the state’s full Legislature where it is projected to be successful.

The proposal in question would setup somewhat of a monopoly for the individuals that would be rewarded with one of the eight dispensary licenses allotted for the entire state: three permitted licenses on Oahu, two allowed on Big Island, with two on Maui and one license on Kauai.

Those lucky enough to get in on the real life version of the Medical Marijuana Monopoly game will be allowed to open two storefronts and two cultivation centers under their state-issued license, which could mean that Hawaii would end up with a total of 16 medical pot shops scattered across four islands.


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