The Daya Foundation, a non-profit organization in Chile, is observing an unexpectedly hefty crop from South America’s first medical marijuana cultivation plot that is allotted to treat approximately 200 cancer patients.

The cultivators for the Daya Foundation have approximated that the 400 plants which were successfully harvested for the Municipality of La Florida will yield in the region of 120 kilos (about 265 lbs.) of dried bud or flowers.

Once the flowers are properly dried, they will then be transported via police escort to a laboratory, where scientists will commence extracting the essential oils from the dried plant matter in order to make a highly concentrated cannabis oil. The finished product will then be distributed to the aforementioned 200 cancer patients for therapeutic consumption via oral ingestion.

The seeds for the historic cultivation endeavor were provided by the Dutch company Paradise Seeds, who would become the first company to be granted a government license to export seeds to Chile.

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