There has always been an amount of mystery to the all strain origins. The strain G-13, has several interesting theories as to how it came to be.

One of them is that the letter G stands for government, and that the strain came from a government research facility at the University of Mississippi, where the only “legal” government weed is grown.  Typically the G-13 strain comes in at around 28% THC, and based on the research and potency monitoring that the University follows, there has never been a record of a plant that has tested this high. Also, according to PharmChem Laboratories, they have also never tested strains from the University that came in over 14% THC period!

So you see kids, all these rumors and speculation lead nowhere. Luckily for you and me, we don’t have to rely on the University of Mississippi for our medicine.

Northern Lights, the first time someone encounters this strain the memory is clear and enthusiastic on the results that it produced. It is probably one of the most potent indica strains that has true indica qualities.

It is a multiple cup winner and one of the most sought after indica strains that exist today. It provides great medicinal attributes to help combat stress, anxiety, restlessness, nausea, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, and other body-related illnesses. It is probably what made our review team so incredibly hungry too, no matter what time of day, this cross of both Northern Lights and G-13 definitely will make you eat.

Origins of strains and stories that follow are often incorrect or eschewed enough to lead one to believe that it’s a bunk story from the get go. One thing is for sure, we don’t need a magical and mystical story to tell you on how amazing this hybrid strain is.  These buds that were grown for Marina Caregivers in Marina Del Rey are clearly the finest example that we have experienced with this cross strain.  The buds are like fat dense fingers of deliciousness, with strong notes of sweet citrus, bitters, and a finish that has a uniquely pungent earthy note at the end.

The opinions from our review crew came in quickly with this one, several members on our team experienced a relaxed body followed by great pain relief, and if anything it helped them forget about their pain.

The other notable effect that this strain has is that although it is considered a hybrid, it didn’t slow us down, other than make us want to take a break to eat. Every patient is different, but we were not ready for a nap in the late day after smoking and vaping at 4:20 in the afternoon, that said we can see how it could help after a very long day by bedtime.

When you’re not quite ready to go to sleep, but need something that can help calm nerves and body, while at the same time allowing the patient to be alert and creative, this is the strain for you. This rare combination strain can’t be found just anywhere, but you can find it often at Marina Caregivers in Marina Del Rey. This is one of the finest collectives we’ve visited in the beach areas of Southern California and worth the trip! Discover Northern Lights X G-13 for yourself, we highly recommend it as one of our top 5 strains of all time!

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Marina Caregivers is located at:
13453 Beach Ave., Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292


Strain Review: Marina Caregivers'- Northern Lights x G-13
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