How awesome is this strain name? Go, girl power! 

We felt pretty wonderful after we vaped and smoked this hybrid OG.  This is not your average OG, the experience left us uplifted in spirit and ready for adventure, and some lunch.

Wonder Woman OG is a pretty even split of both indica and sativa, which makes sense why most of our review crew wasn’t completely zonked from ingesting it. It will give you the appetite of a ferocious beast in the morning on an empty stomach.

The aroma is insanely tempting from an OG stand point. It smells like what Wonder Woman would smell like if she left the justice league and went into an orchard. The notes of sweet tropical fruits mixed with woody after notes.

She’s actually very euphoric and mellow, with the power to enhance any activity or a good nap, depending on the mood. She’s very fit in shape and density.

Wonder Woman OG, is one to look out for, and you can find her outside her invisible jet at:

Exclusive Caregivers – 6200 S. Wilton Place, Los Angeles.

Visit them online at:

Strain Review: Exclusive Caregivers' - Wonder Woman OG
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