Introducing the greatest thing since you discovered cannabis; it’s the O-Pen Vape! Premium cannabis Co2 fluid with terpenes, oh my!

Convenient and discreet, no one needs to know you are medicating, unless you want them to. The smell of the vapor is minimal in our opinion; however that’s not to say that it doesn’t have characteristics that are “weed like” so that people who know, will know.

The game changer with O-Pen vapes is the vast amount of choices of strain flavors that are available. We tried several different varieties, some of them were Super Lemon Diesel, Banana Split, Dead Head Durban, along with some hybrid, indica, and sativa cartridges.

Within a few puffs, you can feel the medicine and zero cough! This is a first for many of our reviewers, who always hack after a long drag, this is really impressive. All in all throughout our tests we found each variety to be very similar, if not dead on to strains that we’ve come to know as well as some that we found delightfully surprising.

Each cartridge comes in various volumes; we used the 150mg cartridges and that seemed to last our reviewers a week or more, it really depends on the individual. All concentrates inside O-Pen Vapes are lab tested and we really like the packaging and ease of use.

Thank you O-Pen Vape for such a great product, we have HIGH hopes for the future! Get yours today at your favorite collective, if they don’t have them, find a collective that does, you won’t look back after that.

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