The Caddy- This is the solution that every cannabis lover has been waiting a lifetime to have. A glass protective barrier that also doubles as carry all for; your lighter, accessories, and herb while on the move.

This is what water pipes crave!

The Caddy can handle nearly any size piece, especially with the additional foam insert that grips more narrow tube types that have a saucer base, it tight and secure. It’s Ideal for 4.5″ to 6.5″ diameter bases, suggested 4″ minimum base and 7″ maximum.

Another feature that we discovered was the ability to rest it on your lap and helped stabilize the use as well. Don’t kiss your prized glass goodbye with a party foul, instead wrap it with the very best and bring the goodies with you. A+, this is the best protective glass device we’ve ever seen.

Made and designed in California, get yours today at

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