In December President Obama signed into law an omnibus federal spending bill that included a special amendment that would deny money for federal prosecution and enforcement against medical marijuana providers and sellers in states where it’s legal.

The amendment was written in part by Southern California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Justice appears to be defying the will of Congress here.

A spokesperson for the department recently told a reporter that feds will continue to target people it believes are involved in illegal activity when it comes to medical pot.

The spokesperson also said that it will continue to prosecute people and take their property in states where medical weed is legal.

The Drug Policy Alliance and other pro-pot groups were incensed, of course.

Bill Piper, the DPA’s director of national affairs, said:

The Justice Department is ignoring the will of the voters, defying Congress, and breaking the law. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder need to rein in this out-of-control agency.

Twenty-three states have legalized medical marijuana. Piper says:

Congress should respond to the Justice Department’s insubordination by changing federal law. Patients and the people who provide them with their medicine will never be safe until states are free to set their own marijuana policy without federal interference.

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