Bill Maher has never been timid about publicizing the fact that he enjoys consuming cannabis, or voicing his disgust regarding our government’s antediluvian drug policy. But now, the host of HBO’s Real Time has taken his love for maryjane one step further by launching a petition drive to make 4/20 a national holiday!

Yup. You read that correctly, tokers.

Bill, in his infinite wisdom, has started an appeal to our beloved federal government to officially recognize what we in-the-know already consider to be our high holiday.

How cool is that? Very!

Hi, America.  It’s me, Bill Maher, from Real Time with Bill Maher – here for my very first time on  Well, the first time since I signed the petition to bring back “The Gilmore Girls.”

Although the idea may initially seem a little farfetched, I’m sure a lot of us thought that way about marijuana ever being legalized for recreational consumption. But hey, look at where we’re at now!

So, take a second before you rip that next bong load and surf over to this link and sign that petition, tokers!

Also, be sure to check out the attached video of Bill commemorating the announcement of his petition drive via reading his original story “Twas The Night Before 4/20”.

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