Everyone loves a concentrate that tastes like the original flowers that it was made with. The latest and greatest thing to happen for some discerning patients is known as “live resin” extracts or also coined as “holy water.”  Extract artists continue to keep pushing the envelope on how they can improve their product. This month we had the opportunity to discover the difference between a standard shatter of GSC versus a live resin extract shatter of the same strain. What makes the live resin version different is the amount of terpenes (they provide cannabis its flavor and taste and various effects as well when consumed.) Typically an extract has around 4-5% total terpenoid content, however live resin or holy water extracts are often tested to be 20% total or greater.

GSC Live ExtractOur team discovered that the live resin samples did have a larger flavor palate associated with the GSC strain over the standard shatter. California Honey Xtracts have found a niche in producing high quality extracts that will serve many patient’s needs and desires. All the yum one might expect from the GSC is here in both samples; however one has more punch of flavor as well as effects. Our team members traded off between each sample to discover how each would take effect and were pleasantly medicated with each. The consistency of each sample was easy to manipulate and work with when applying to our devices.  Our team members did feel that the live resin extract of GSC was greater in flavor, so this is what the future looks like for connoisseurs.

The process of making a live resin extract is all in the starting product, and when fresh harvested buds are used, it allows the artist to preserve a much higher percent of terpenes versus waiting for dried and cured product to start the process. It is a complicated process to explain, so we’ll leave it to the expert extract folks and just sit back, vape and enjoy the ride. Terpene rich concentrates appear to already be the favorite among connoisseurs. Those patients who are looking for a high dose of THC from their dabs are able to get the best of both worlds with live resin extracts.

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