Just in time for the high holidays comes an OG that will leave you feeling blessed. All Saints OG has that familiar smell that reminds us of the first time that we discovered OG’s.  If you are a regular reader of The 420 Times, you know that we have been bringing you many top shelf OG’s over the last few months… this one is truly a unique find. All Saints OG has a mild, yet distinctive OG smell that will heighten your senses and open your eyes wide.

At first glance, these buds are huge! Each of these pictured are easily over two inches in diameter. As I gently crack apart a portion for consumption, my fingers get that sticky goodness that we all love. These buds are well packed with density and each bud weighs roughly over 2 grams each! Regardless of the size of these nugs, you’re guaranteed to see your donation dollar go further as they are very dense and go a long way.  Quality counts and quantity counts, I don’t care what patient I talk to, everyone wants the highest value period.  All Saints OG from Patients and Caregivers in North Hollywood may have just set the bar even higher!

All Saints OG from Patients & Caregivers in North Hollywood, CA

All Saints OG from Patients & Caregivers in North Hollywood, CA

The head high is very present, but not mentally debilitating, in fact we found All Saints OG to be quite creative and energetic. It’s clear and comfortable, and leaves plenty of energy for activities. The flavor of this OG is pleasantly surprising; uniquely sweet floral notes followed by a smidge of that pleasurable sour OG trademark, which can only be experienced and difficult to describe in words. It also will produce a healthy dose of munchies, (you’ve been notified) that it will help with hunger and increase your appetite for some creative food choices.  This strain should be on your top 10 list of things to have for 4/20 this year.

You can find these beauties at:
Patients & Caregivers
6141 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, CA (818)508-0434

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