When it comes to cultivating cannabis, most gardeners want to achieve the greatest yields they possibly can with each harvest. That’s why it’s crucial to feed your plants properly throughout their entire lifespan, especially in the fruiting or blooming stage, which is when your plants want to start packing on the weight.

The blooming stage of the cannabis plant’s life can be a fickle fiddle to figure out, particularly if you’re new to the cannabis cultivation game. This is the time when finding the balance of when and how much to feed your plants can mean the difference between a bountiful harvest and one that is less than generous.

The hidden hunger!?!

In order to keep your plants growing strong during the flowering process, deciphering the proper amount of Potassium (K) your garden needs is vital. Potassium is a prime facilitator for carbohydrate metabolism. So, if your plants aren’t receiving the right amount, the plant’s sugar production slows dramatically which makes it difficult for your plants to store necessary energy they need to develop buds.

When a Potassium deficiency occurs, plant growth not only stalls, but it also affects the quality of buds, which will decline without proper nourishment. Using Potassium supplements during this stage of your garden’s lifecycle will aid in keeping the quality of your plant’s buds at optimal levels.

Phosphorus (P) is also an important nutrient for gardeners to familiarize themselves with due to the fact that it provides energy for earlier flowering and it helps your plants produce more flower sites. While Phosphorus plays a beneficial role at the beginning of the flowering stage, it’s best to use Potassium during the heavy flowering stages when the flower’s calyxes are starting to swell and resin production is in full swing.

The extra punch to bring on the pounds!

There’s really no debate about it. If you want to get the most out of your yield each harvest, it’s best to add Potassium supplements to your feeding program during your plant’s heavy flowering period. Just about any off-the-shelf P-K boost formula will benefit plants during their flowering stage. But to obtain absolute paramount results, a targeted Potassium supplement could prove to be a better choice in order to help your plants reach their topmost capabilities during flower production.

Toward the end of the flowering cycle, cannabis plants begin to terminate the need for additional Nitrogen (N) or Phosphorus in their feeding program. This is the period when a Potassium supplement derived from Potassium sulfate should be introduced to the feeding program, which will provide the boost of K that your plants are searching for without the addition of unnecessary nitrates or phosphates.

In addition, the Sulfur (S) that’s in Potassium sulfate is a supplementary bonus, due to the fact that Sulfur compounds help awaken the flowering genes in the cannabis plant and also contributes to the flavor and aroma of the ripened buds.

But be sure to keep in mind that when using any plant nutrients/supplements to start off with half or less than what the manufacturer suggests to see how your plants respond, and then increase the amount as needed from that point on.

Keep it simple and keep it green!

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