When it comes to people that held (ahem, or currently holding) the position of POTUS that puffed the sticky stuff, the list is pretty long. But when you think about it, if any one of them had actually been ensnared in the legal system for being dirty little dopers they’d most likely never have held a political position, let alone that of POTUS.

So, when you consider the fact that most of those same pot-consuming politicians pompously uphold our nation’s failed drug policy, you’d have to agree that our last three POTUS’ and several of the prospective candidates for 2016 personify two-facedness to the fullest.

Bill Maher elegantly explains in the attached video clip how it’s time for these hypocrites to lighten up on those of us that choose to light up and bring an end to the colossal failure that is marijuana prohibition.

Bill believes that it’s “time to declare that the media ritual of asking presidential candidates if they’ve ever smoked pot can be put to rest, because the answer is always ‘yes’ and nobody cares.”

We couldn’t agree more.

One of our favorite moments from the video is when Bill points out what a hypocritical, “cynical turd” Jeb Bush truly is.

And Jeb wants us to believe he’s somehow different from his dad and brother who both previously failed as POTUS?.? Sorry, Jeb. You’ll need to try and sell that BS somewhere else.

We wonder if we’ll ever see a president that wasn’t bought off by powerful lobbyists in order to initiate their secret political agendas. Maybe if the Koch brothers ever go bankrupt?.? And only then.

Bill Maher for president?!?

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Bill Maher by following this link!

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