This year 4/20 is on a Monday, so why not just start early by making it a full weekend of celebration for the almighty herb! Besides, holidays should always be more than one day.
We’ve gathered the following list of items as essentials for any outstanding celebration, small get together with friends, or just party until the sunrise. Yes, we’re patients, but 4/20 is special and we’re allowed to be a little more excessive in honor of the plant, freedom, love, truth and all that good stuff!

In no particular order, here is our go to list for success.

Plenty of munchies, good savory foods and don’t forget the refreshing beverages! – cotton mouth is the friend nobody wants to invite to the party. Also, think about your vegan friends this year. How will you know if your friends are vegans? Don’t worry, they will tell you – they all do.

TetraLabs GoldCaps ComboTetraLabs Gold Caps for those non-smoking vaping times and TetraLabs Gold Cart with batteries charged for pure bliss without the drag… of cords.
Cannabis, we suggest this month’s featured strain for this holy holiday, All Saints OG at Patients & Caregivers (see our strain review)

Doja Vape – technology and creative people make it happen (see inside back cover)

420 Goody Box420 Goody Box – think of it as desert of the month for evolved stoners. Every month a new batch of smoking accessories and fun gifts arrives on your doorstep.

Holistic Sam’s Lose-a-Day Brownie – cause a very small bite of one of these goes a LONG way, no joke!  Find Holistic Sam’s edibles at your local collective.

Raw Rolling Papers –  with all the accessories- a real necessity! If you don’t know how to roll, now’s the time to get a roller and practice. It’s embarrassing not being able to roll a nice one – make it a learning event at your party.

OPen VapeOPen Vape – premium cannabis extract cartridges and kits that have our favorite strains ready for tasty and discreet medicating (see our review sneak peek in this issue). You can find collectives that carry them by visiting or at local dispensary like Reseda Discount Center.

Your favorite smoking apparatus – pipe, water pipe, vape, apple. Whatever it is, it better be clean for a proper 4/20 christening.

Renew your recommendation if it is about to expire, (or get one!) That’s a serious no-go to have that happen when you walk into your collective with an expired rec! See any of the doctors featured here in The 420 Times.

In So Cal for 4/20? Buy your tickets for the Blaze ‘N’ Glory Festival for more celebration on May 15th & 16th and kick of festival season properly. Check them out at:

OPen VapeLastly, don’t forget the lighter — remember to guard that thing, someone’s bound to walk off with it!

An early happy 420 to all — toke on!

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