I’ve yet to sample every strain of cannabis known to man, but out of the several (way too many to count) that I have had the pleasure of partaking in, the OG#18 has to be by far one of my all time favorites.

What’s the lineage?

Once I discovered OG#18’s genetic ancestry it was easy to see why this strain is so beloved by myself and numerous other cannabis connoisseurs. This feminized magic bean comes from the breeding brilliance that is the Reserva Privada seed bank who had the gleaming idea to cross the notorious Chem Dawg with the dank OG Chem, which resulted in the to-die-for-dankness that is OG#18.

As the story goes, after a successful pollination, the breeders at Reserva proceeded to grow out approximately 40 daughters in order to unearth the best-of-the-best which would turn out to be……?? Yup. Plant #18.

How’s the high?

og18 4OG#18 is an Indica-dominant hybrid that when consumed via a series of small, controlled burns (hits from the bong) resulted in an enduring tranquilizing high, which I found to be supreme for helping me relax and was also effective as an anti-inflammatory.

Having tried and enjoyed both of the OG#18’s parents, I can say without hesitation that this strain maintains an accurate resemblance to its ancestors, taking on the fuel-esque taste characteristic of the Chem Dawg with the potency of the OG Chem.

Is it dank?

Upon first whiff, the OG#18 gives off that diesel fuel type aroma with a hint of grapefruit. But once you bust up the buds for consuming purposes the pungent scent of fuel-esque/fruity/skunk thumps you in the sniffer to let you know you’re in for one enjoyable pot-smoking experience.

How’s it hit?

When consumed via a clean bong, the OG#18 hits you hard and fast with a slight expansion when first entering the lungs. The taste is a bit more sour than that of the OG Chem but leaves a fruity aftertaste lingering on the pallet of the tongue.

The overall!

If someone were to present me with the “If you were stranded on a tropical island and could only have one strain”-scenario, as of right now anyway, I would absolutely pick OG#18 as my tropical-island-dank-of-choice.

What strain would you choose?