Oh lord have mercy the Flowerbomb Kush is finally dried, cured and ready to enjoy!

We’ve been drooling over this sugar-crystal-coated cannabis strain since she started releasing her magnificent scent around week-4 of the bloom cycle. But now the grow is through and there’s nothing left to do but smoke her down!

This lady came to play!

flowerbkushWhen you come across a cross that’s truly dank, you know it almost immediately. And this gal is definitely dank. The Flowerbomb Kush is a feminized hybrid with extraordinarily popular parents made available by the seed-breeding geniuses over at the Strain Hunters Seed Bank.

This strain was also the winner of the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup with the Green House Coffeeshop.

She’s a 70 percent Indica-30 percent Sativa blend crossed with the fashionable Green Crack and trendy OG Kush strains making her high a heavy-hitter with a quick onset.

Aroma before being consumed via a series of small, controlled burns: Incredibly kushy, somewhat earthy with notes of orange, rose, and some warmer, spicier degrees.

Flavor when consumed via a clean bong: Earthy-tones, somewhat vegetal, very fruity and sweet almost like candy.

How it makes me feel after a few rips from the bong: By and large the buzz is exceptionally strong, quite relaxing on the body at first, then it becomes a bit more cerebral. It’s a good strain for those who enjoy socializing, but it can tend to make you giggly for no apparent reason. And it has the ability to generate creativity as well. Overall I would say the Flowerbomb Kush’s buzz is relatively complex.

Good for what ails ya: When it comes to medicinal properties, I found this strain to be good for the mind, body and soul! I discovered the Flowerbomb Kush to be helpful in relieving anxiety as well as being very useful for reducing inflammation associated with chronic pain.

Would we recommend it to a friend in need: Yes indeed!

Strain Review: Flowerbomb Kush
"This FBK is the bomb diggity!"- The Stoned Ranger
4.7Overall Score
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