Two lawmakers in Pennsylvania have teamed up to cosponsor legislation that would legalize the cultivation and production of industrial hemp in their republic.

Senator Judy Schwank and her colleague Senator Mike Folmer have prefiled said Senate legislation, Senate Bill 50, for the upcoming 2015 legislative session. Schwank and Folmer say that if their proposal is indeed successful, it would allow the farmers of Pennsylvania to become a part of the multi-million dollar (and continually growing) hemp industry.

Senator Schwank argues that the feds have basically given states a temporary green light regarding the cultivation of hemp for industrial dedications when Congress approved the language of the Farm Bill in 2014.

The 2014 federal Farm Bill authorizes pilot programs for industrial hemp, and SB 50 provides oversight for growing, harvesting and marketing a traditional commonwealth crop while providing new opportunities for Pennsylvania farmers, Schwank affirmed.

More than a dozen states have already passed legislation that redefines the plant genus hemp as an agricultural product and consent to state-sponsored research and/or farming of the plant.

It’s way past time for a major reform of our country’s laws regarding the use of hemp for any dedication we see fit.

“Be the change,” and get involved on a hemp roots level in order to help bring an end to the antiquated prohibition of a plant that benefits all walks of life.

Give hemp a chance!

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