We receive a ton of requests for information on a daily basis here at The 420 Times, so we thought it would be a good idea to tackle 420’s FAQs with hopes that our replies will indeed help answer some of the questions that are most recurrently asked by our treasured readers.

The query that tops the rule each and every day here at our offices comes from our readers that are in search of the ultimate pot brownie recipe, for whom we have several recipes posted. (And we’ll have even more recipes coming soon!)

But the second most asked question comes from our readers that need to rid their system of THC metabolites (ahem, for a list of reasons), and would like to know if drinking cranberry juice will indeed flush it out.

I didn’t have time to study! Will I pass??

Naturally your best defense when it comes to passing a drug screening is to be clean. But, for us unvarying tokers, this can prove to be difficult since urine drug tests can detect use of marijuana up to five days after occasional use and up to three weeks or more for us regular users, all dependent on the person’s body chemistry.

Urine tests are designed to detect non-active metabolites, and as we all know this is not the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana (which is THC), any trace of these metabolites can lead to a person testing positive on a drug screening.

Is plain H20 the way to go?

Flushing your system via drinking a safe amount (being careful not to overhydrate) of filtered water is one of the most common practices for eradicating metabolites from your body. It is also the absolute cheapest and easiest way to possibly help you pass a drug screening due to the fact that urine tests measure the amount of metabolites in your urine. So, it’s been reported that the more water you drink, the more metabolites you will produce that are marijuana contaminate-free.

What about the berries?

Cranberries are known to be a natural diuretic, which is why people consider that it will help flush your body of metabolites faster than that of drinking ample amounts of plain filtered water only.

But is it actually helpful?

Well, people using cranberry juice have been known to cleanse their body of THC, over an extended period of time. And it has been scientifically proven to flush toxic compounds found in both the urine and the bloodstream.

Not only are cranberries a natural diuretic, but they’re also a natural anti-oxidant, and are readily available in supermarkets in pure juice form.

If you’re interested in trying cranberry juice as a way to flush your system, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Use real juice!

Artificial based juices may only contain around 5 to 10 percent of actual cranberry juice, and for detox purposes you need juice which is preferably organic and pure. It’s easy to distinguish between artificial and pure because the more pure the juice, the more bitter the taste. Although sugar additives make juice sweeter and more bearable to drink, those added sugars actually compromise the effectiveness of the juice’s cleansing properties.

The bitter taste and compounds of pure cranberry juice increases the pH of your body, which in turn affects the results if someone asks you for a urine sample. A drug test involving a urine sample needs to be within a precise pH range in order to be valid, so a few large glasses of cranberry juice in the days leading up to a test may just be enough to declare the test invalid.

And why is that exactly?

Well, it’s because of the now altered pH value, not because the cranberry juice is masking the THC in the system. Ya dig?

Employing this flushing technique, combined with a high fluid intake of plain filtered water, may just be enough to throw off a test and render it void. Nonetheless, a retest may be needed because of the transformed pH value and you may be asked to repeat the whole peeing process again. And remember, tokers, using cranberry juice to flush your system will have unequivocally no effect on the THC residues found in your hair follicles, which can be the way employers choose to test you if the original urine test fails, with some employers using hair follicle testing as the initial test.

The regular use of cranberry juice has been proven to be an excellent natural way to cleanse the whole body from toxins and impurities, but it’s reportedly not a good idea to use it as a quick way to cleanse your system of THC metabolites.

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