On Tuesday, officials in Illinois announced changes to the medical marijuana program that are due to take effect in 2015 which will allow seriously ill minors to access and use certain forms of the lifesaving plant.

Said amendments to the previous list of guidelines will permit those under the age of 18 qualifying for the state’s program to use edible forms of marijuana, such as concentrated oils and marijuana-infused foodstuffs.

In order to register for the program, minors will need signed authorization from two doctors that states the patient in question could possibly benefit from using marijuana for medicinal dedications.

In addition, the minor will need a supervisory parent or legal guardian to register as the minor’s designated caregiver accompanied by a $100 application fee.

The changes to the program regulations were published as emergency rules, which only remain in effect for 150 days.

The guidelines, which are slated to go into effect on January 1, will have to go through a legislative oversight committee for final approval.


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