Advocates in Massachusetts are hoping to take advantage of the ever-increasing momentum that’s taking place across the nation concerning support for legalizing marijuana for recreational dedications by drafting legislation that would allow the use and cultivation of the plant by adults in the state.

The group of activists that want bring the legalization of marijuana to Massachusetts say their legislation will be ready for consideration by the state’s legislators in the upcoming January legislative session.

In addition, the pro-legalization coalition members say they also have plans to organize a ballot question for the 2016 elections just in case policymakers refuse to recognize their initial efforts.

“If the Legislature doesn’t do anything, we’ll go to the voters in 2016,” said Richard Evans, a Northampton attorney and chairman of a coalition that is pushing for legalization. “We want to give lawmakers the opportunity to enact it. Voters shouldn’t be making laws like this, lawmakers should. But when the lawmakers won’t, voters must.”

It’s been reported that the state’s Legislature will most likely refuse to sign off on the aforementioned legislation, having previously shot down similar efforts.

Massachusetts residents voted to decriminalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana back in 2008, which replaced the chance of serving time with a mere $100 fine.

And then in 2012, Massachusetts voters approved the cultivation and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, with both initiatives passing by more than 60 percent.

“It’s no longer a question of whether it will be legalized in the state, but when and how,” Evans declared.

Truly, it’s just a matter of “when and how” for the rest of the nation in this reporters humble opinion.

Don’tcha think?