Amendment 2, which seemed to be supported by a majority of Floridians a mere three months ago, has failed to receive 60 percent of the vote it needed to become a law.

John Morgan, a well-known lawyer who spent approximately $5 million on the now failed medical marijuana campaign, Tweeted out after the news of the loss that, “We needed 60 percent. We came close. We tried our best, this is only the first battle. We will win this war!”

According to Calvina Fay, executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation, Amendment 2 was merely “a backdoor entrance for the full legalization of marijuana.”

Fay said in a statement that “the people of Florida strongly and wisely rejected efforts to make Florida the next front in the push to legalize marijuana nationwide.”

Wow. A reporter whose at a loss for words. I’m in big trouble.

What do you say to a Nixon-era minded individual with zero compassion for humankind? Nothing.

And to make matters even worse, if Amendment 2 had passed, Fay alleged her organization would have filed legal action to thwart medical marijuana from becoming legal in the Sunshine State.

Well, maybe Fay and her cronies will have an opportunity to foil the efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal dedications in 2016 when Morgan and his law firm gear up for round two with a whole new campaign.

Just remember, Fay. There’s a lot of people dying for the opportunity to use marijuana as a medicine in your state that won’t go quietly.

Let’s just hope they get legal access before they give up the ghost.

The nerve of some people, right?

Don’t give up the fight, Floridians! Hope is on the way! Someday.