Have you contemplated starting a small indoor marijuana garden but have been hesitant due to the overwhelming costs related to operating energy-sponging industry-standard high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems and all the necessary ventilation and cooling that goes along with it?

In that case, fret no more, because the folks from Lush Lighting have just the answer to get your indoor garden going without having to drain your bank account!

lum 13It’s their Single Lens Series 190-Watt Lumenator LED Horticultural Light Fixture!

Quite possibly the perfect compact LED fixture!

So, what makes the Lumenator an ideal choice for those interested in starting, or already in the process of, running a small indoor grow plot?

Among other things, Lush’s products are the first light emitting diode (LED) grow lights engineered based on biochemical research, which makes them stand out in an industry that is flooded with fixtures that lack said research-based engineering standards or the attention to detail that Lush Lighting preserves.

But in terms of why the Lumenator is an idyllic alternative to HID for small garden areas is easily answered with its powerful, but compact size, ultra-low operating costs, and most importantly, its delivery of relative energy.

It’s all about the color spectrum!

Running at a mere 190 watts, the Lumenator packs more color-punch than that of a 600-watt HID lighting system equipped with high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps!

Yup! You read correctly, my friend.

The color spectrum that horticultural light systems emit are calculated using a chart that measures the entire gamut connecting infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, as well as photon energy.

Your typical HPS lamps produce wavelengths that virtually fall flat across the board, only emitting strong yellow and red colors which leaves your plants lacking important light-produced fuel.

The Lumenator on the other hand was intentionally designed to closer match the energy that’s given off by the sun, which means it produces a more comprehensive spectrum of colors that feed your plants the necessary fuel that’s uncharacteristic of HPS lamps.

Even attempting to combine metal halide equipped fixtures with HPS in order to achieve a wider color spectrum range still falls short of the photon flux density that Lush Lighting’s LED fixtures produce.

More reasons to love the Lumenator!

As if supplying your plants with the proper light energy without having to suffer financial dire straits due to high electricity bills wasn’t enough, we have more reasons to love the Lumenator!

Due to the Lumenator’s comparatively-low operating temperatures and its compact, yet rugged design, it can be used in a number of different applications throughout your garden space.

Its 3×4 illumination footprint makes the Lumenator an ultimate fixture for smaller plots and grow tents.

But with its ability to emit such powerful light energy, it would also be ideal to use multiple units in larger garden rooms in order to save on operating costs.

Not just for flowering!

The fact that the Lumenator produces a wider range of color spectrum means you’re not limited to using it in your bloom room, which is perfect for gardeners that are restricted to using a closet area or grow tent for the entire lifespan of their plants.

Using the Lumenator in these types of applications as opposed to an HID system eliminates the need to switch out between HPS and metal halide lamps at the different phases of plant growth.

Lush Lighting’s advantageous advancement not only saves the consumer the time and bother of swapping out lamps, but also puts dollars back in their wallets due to the fact that most HID lamps run out of gas (literally) after approximately 12 months of continuous use.

To whereas the Lumenator was designed to reliably illuminate your garden space for an estimated 10 years all while producing a commanding 180,000 lumens of balanced color spectrum, compared to that of the standard HPS and metal halide lamps that produce a mere 90,000 lumens and shoot craps after a year’s time.

We put ‘er to the test!

Out of curiosity (and due to some speculation), we put the Lumenator to what we considered the ultimate challenge.

The researchers in our Proving Grounds Garden ran an experiment using the 190-watt Lumenator verses a name brand 600-watt HID system (it’s blue and rhymes with Lou Machek) during the flowering cycle of two identical plants placed side-by-side in the exact same environment and both fed matching nutrients, one under the Lumenator, and the other under the HID fixture.

The results?

Our research team found that the plant which was illuminated by the Lumenator not only finished sooner than its counterpart, but was notably happier throughout the entire flowering cycle.

Additionally, the plant bloomed under the Lumenator produced a richer resin profile with an aroma that was extra pungent compared to that of its corresponding plant and actually proved to be more potent once properly dried, cured and then tested via a series of small controlled burns.

So, if you’re on the fence in regards to starting an indoor grow simply due to the high cost of operating an HID lighting system, relieve your apprehension by purchasing a Lumenator from Lush Lighting and start your garden today!

Grow on and keep it green!

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