Medical marijuana legislation that is slated to be introduced to the Australian Parliament in October is reportedly gaining legislative support due to comments made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott on a radio show in which he approved legalizing the substance if it’s used for medicinal dedications.

Said legislation will be introduced by Greens Senator Richard Di Natale, who also serves as chairman to the cross-party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy and Law Reform.

If the medical marijuana bill is indeed successful, it’s been reported that Australia’s federal government will be given the control to watch over the production and circulation of the country’s medical marijuana supply.

In addition to his efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, Di Natale is also lobbying for the Therapeutic Goods Administration to form a unique class for medical marijuana so it can be legally obtained via a prescription from a physician.

And if that lobbying endeavor proves productive, the legislation will involve the production processes of the marijuana supply, quality control, distribution and the licensing of cultivators.

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