The boys from Greenhouse Seed Co. bring us some pretty cool videos via their Strain Hunters series, but in this short doc they talk to a professional bud smuggler that is forced to do all his work at night in order to avoid being ensnared by the law arm of the law. Or worse. Shot to death!

Talk about your risky business!

He refers to himself as The Night Worker and he and his crew fill their boat with several pounds of weed that is destined for distant lands and large profits.

Pack up your favorite implement of combustion/vaporization and puff along as The Night Worker tells us about a night-in-the-life of a weed smuggler and what it’s like to see the glare of bullets flying by your head while trying to complete your mission.

Thanks for joining us for this edition of Saturday at the Movies! We hope you didn’t accidentally sit in gum?.? Toke on, tokers!

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