For this installment of Saturday at the Movies we’re checking out a little flick put together by the Junior League of Miami, Inc. back in the glorious 1970s that was designed to warn Florida’s youth about the dangers of illicit drug use.

I must say that I learned a lot from this educational documentary.

Did you know that a simple childhood activity such as avoiding stepping on cracks so you won’t break your mother’s back is dangerously addictive?

what about the children 2Well, according to the enlightening film Drugs Are Like That, that and actions such as swinging on a rope swing or swimming in lake can be just as risky as using illegal drugs.

Thanks to this film I’m never driving a car again either.

Did you know there is risk of serious injury or even death if you get behind the wheel of car?

Well, watch this comical attempt to teach kids how to steer clear of playing with Lego toys and you’ll see for yourself just how hazardous it is to be alive!

what about the children 3This highlarious pile of propaganda had me rollin’ on the floor all while increasing my urge to do several bong rips due to the subliminal shots of drugs raining down like a rainbow of Skittles.

Although after watching this important piece of instructional cinema I did find myself wondering how I ever survived planet earth for this long.

Dumb luck I suppose.

[Bong rips]

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