Injustice for African-Americans arrested for small-time drug crimes has helped to inspire the unprecedented pace of legalization and decriminalization happening in the United States these days.

But the Drug Policy Alliance warns that the black folks aren’t the only minorities who appear to be targeted in numbers far beyond their slice of the demographic pie.

The DPA notes that a New York state’s arrest data shows that Latinos are four times more likely to be arrested for pot-related offenses as whites despite not partaking of cannabis in greater numbers.

The organization fears that as America’s largest minority grows from its 17 percent of the population today to a projected 29 percent in 2050, it will become an unfair target of the drug war.

The DPA’s Stephanie Izquieta wonders if it’s already happening. Most states don’t classify Latino arrests and lump them in with whites:

This means that the disparity between black and white arrest rates may be even larger than previously thought as white arrest rates may have been artificially inflated …

The life-long penalties and exclusions that follow a drug conviction have created a permanent second-class status for millions of Americans, who may be prohibited from voting, being licensed, accessing public assistance and any number of other activities and opportunities. The drug war’s racist enforcement means that all of these exclusions fall more heavily on people and communities of color.

Looks like there’s still work to do.

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