After a nonsensical battle just to get the seeds into the hands of farmers in the Bluegrass State, hemp crops are finally on the grow.

Kentucky’s first crop of hemp in decades is said to be flourishing just two months after the state officially legalized the plant genus for cultivation and research purposes.

University of Kentucky’s plant researcher David Williams says the cultivation process is “exciting” and that the experience is “very fun”. “It’s a lot of fun to be involved in something that’s new and potentially possible for Kentucky farmers,” Williams avowed.

Williams says that he will harvest the first crops at his school’s plots this September and compare the growth rate to that of 12 other varieties they’re currently growing out.

He also was quick to point out that the struggle to get the seeds where they needed to be cost them approximately a month of growing time.

“I think we can grow larger plants with a full growing season,” Williams explained. “We lost about a month.”

Researchers at the college of Murray State claim they have plants reaching heights of roughly 14 feet.

While in Eastern Kentucky’s Rockcastle County, the Growing Warriors Project planted hemp on an old tobacco farm and has reported plants that have reached the 16-foot mark.

Ah yes. Hemp is on the grow once again in the South! How sweet it is!

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