The plant genus hemp was unduly deemed a Schedule 1 drug by our beloved federal government, but it’s back on the grow in America courtesy of the state-by-state legalization of its cultivation in states like Colorado.

And thanks to entrepreneurial-agriculturists like Boulder County-residing Veronica Carpio, hemp enthusiasts interested in walking through the rows of an actual crop to get a stalk-eye’s view will have just such an chance to do so.

Carpio has plans to host intermittent expeditions of her flowering crops offering observers a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

The first group of tour goers were comprised of fellow hemp farmers and fanatics of the fan-leafed plant hoping to get a closer look at the crop that’s been unjustly outlawed for several decades.

An herbalist and organic farmer, Bill Hawkins, drove in from neighboring Nebraska to catch a glimpse of legalized hemp cultivation.

“It’s the excitement over these first plantings, and the reawakening of this industry” Hawkins said of his inspiration to visit the plot.

Aside from hoeing rows in her hemp research plot, Carpio is also the owner/operator of Colorado Hemp Coffee where they produce Happy Heart Hemp Coffee, a handmade Colorado product in which roasted and shelled hemp seeds are blended with organic coffee beans.

To learn more about the opportunity to visit Carpio’s fields of hemp, be sure to check out her Facebook page.

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