Stricter rules for dispensaries were approved last night by the San Jose City Council.

The regulations aim to keep the California collectives away from schools and move them into industrial areas of town. While the new law would mean pretty much all the 78 shops in the city must relocate, opponents say the effect will be much worse:

The rules are so strict as to put most if not all out of business, says the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC).

Anticipating that 7-3 vote, the group has gone ahead with plans for an initiative that would overturn the council’s law and impose one of its own.

SVCC’s initiative would involve more self-regulation among dispensaries, including a city “Cannabis Commission.” According to the group, the voter initiative, which would need to turn in a number of valid voter signatures to make the ballot, seeks to:

  • Establish strict operational and safety standards for marijuana businesses;

  • Ensure medical marijuana is not distributed to minors;

  • Ensure medical marijuana does not impact K-12 schools;

  • Ensure drug cartels, criminals & gangs are not working with marijuana businesses.

  • Ensure marijuana businesses participate in drug diversion & youth drug education programs;

  • Ensure bad operators are referred to the city for appropriate action;

  • Actively monitor the compliance of marijuana businesses; and

  • Study, hold and conduct forums on any problems or concerns of the community related to marijuana businesses.

Dave Hodges, an SVCC organizer and San Jose dispensary owner, says in a statement:

The SVCC proposal to create a Cannabis Commission might be the only way to appropriately address the issues related to medical marijuana in San Jose/ For the past five years the council has taken the wrong approach to cannabis clubs. Creating regulations that make it impossible to operate does not move San Jose forward.

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