If you didn’t know it already, Israel is the marijuana research capital of the world. The man who started it all, the grandfather of marijuana research, is Professor Raphael Mechoulam.

He is a chemist and became interested in marijuana back in the euphoric 1960s. Morphine had been isolated from opium in the early 19th century, cocaine had been isolated from coca leaves in the mid 19th century and yet in the mid 20th century the chemistry of the marijuana plant was still unknown.

So, let’s follow along with bong in hand as Professor Raphael Mechoulam scores five kilos of hashish from the cops in order to research the most miraculous plant genus known to mankind: marijuana!

Thanks for flying with us here at The 420 Times for this installment of Saturday at the Movies!

We hope you enjoy the in-flight movie! Toke on and take it lite!

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