Is this a first?

A batch of medical marijuana known as Purple Kush has been voluntarily recalled by its maker, Greenleaf Medicinals of British Columbia, Health Canada announced this week.

The government agency said that, despite the fact that “dried marijuana is not an approved drug or medicine in Canada,” the pot maker is working with other suppliers to fill the void left for “impacted clients” by the Purple Kush recall.

Use of pot is okay if “authorized under the regulations with the support of a doctor or nurse practitioner,” Health Canada says.

What do you do if you have this particular Purple? Authorities urge you not to smoke it or give it to your enemy. But they’re not saying exactly why.

Health Canada:

Greenleaf Medicinals is instructing clients to immediately discontinue use of any marijuana from this shipment which they may still have remaining in their possession. The company has also informed Health Canada that they are presently working with other licensed producers to find a supply of marijuana for the impacted clients. Health Canada is currently monitoring Greenleaf Medicinal’s recall.

The batch has been identified in reports as having the serial number PK-10-20-13.

Send all unused cannabis to The 420 Times. Just joking.

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