Yet another state wants to say yes to marijuana.

Pennsylvania, one of several states considering medical legalization, overwhelmingly supports the idea, at least if you believe the latest Quinnipiac University poll, released yesterday.

The poll of 1,405 registered Pennsylvania voters found that 85 percent support medical legalization, with 14 percent opposed.

Qiunnipiac even found that over-65 voters, usually more conservative, were down with medical cannabis at a rate of 84 percent to 14 percent.

But voters were also asked if the were for the legalization of “small amounts of marijuana for personal use.” The numbers were almost evenly split, with 48 percent opposed and 49 percent in favor, Quinnipiac says.

If Republicans controlled the vote, medical marijuana would be dead: They oppose it 66 to 31 percent, according to the poll.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, says:

Pennsylvanians think overwhelmingly that marijuana is equal to or less dangerous than alcohol, and join the American trend toward tolerance for both medical and recreational use.

It would be awesome in Pennsylvania, the land that helped to give us the Declaration of Independence, declared that medical cannabis is a legit substance for its own freedom-loving citizens.

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Raul Duke has been working as a journalist in Southern California for two decades. The medical marijuana juggernaut is one of his many beats. He's a longtime Westside resident who needs to renew his doctor's recommendation soon. If you have news tips, reach out:

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