tie diedFor this installment of Saturday at the Movies, we’re checking out the documentary film “Tie-Died”, which was recorded back in the summer of ’94, one year before the passing of Grateful Dead guitarist/vocalist Jerry Garcia.

This unique film gives viewers an opportunity to explore the religiously committed fan base known as Dead Heads, fans that relentlessly followed the legendary band from town to town, without having to endure the putrid aroma of sweaty sandals and a serious lack of personal hygiene.

So, lather on the Patchouli oil, strap on those old nasty Birkenstock’s that should have been thrown out in the ’80s, dig that tie-dye t-shirt out of the back of the closet, roll up a few doobies and let’s toke along with the most committed music fans (some of them probably should have been committed) on the face of the planet: the Dead Heads!

Thanks for flying with The 420 Times! We hope you dig the flick! Absorb the “X Factor”!