Just when it seems like you’ve recovered from the holidaze season, which can be dreadful when you’re single, along comes the mother-of-all-reminders that you are indeed without a lover: Valentine’s Day!

Well, have no fear, lonely one, because the gaggle of brokenhearted bong tokers around the office at The 420 Times put their lifted heads together to comprise a list of ways singles can celebrate the public holiday that is said to have been created by florists, candy makers and greeting card companies, rather than singing the “I would probably have a lover if I didn’t live with my mother” blues.

1. Gather up your other single friends for a night out at the movies for some fine cinema! Try to avoid choosing a movie that’s romantic – no sappy chick flicks allowed! (Unless that’s your thing.) Go for an action-adventure flick or a toker-friendly comedy instead. Be sure to get nice and toasted before you go inside, because nothing beats going to see a killer action-filled film all toked up on your favorite strain!

2. Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party! Go with a “Love Hurts” theme and use all dark colored, non cupid-laden decorations. No flowers, no cards, no candy hearts with luvie duvie messages inscribed on them… just great food, good friends, delicious cocktails, the finest herb you can locate and let the good times ensue!

3. Get out of town! That’s right, get the hell out of Dodge! Plan a special trip to some place you’ve always wanted to visit. It could be something as dramatic as a foreign cruise, a flight to Amsterdam, or as simple as a day trip to the local headshop you’ve always wanted to explore. Enjoy being able to just do something you and only you want to do. You may discover that being single isn’t as bad as your friends make it out to be!

4. Go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with other single friends! Why should couples be the only ones taking the opportunity to enjoy a fine meal? Treat yourself to some place really special, and get a delicious dessert! The bonus of dining as a single? You don’t have to share your desert! Sure, your friends might like a taste, but at least they won’t inhale the whole thing and expect you to pay for it! Need I remind you of the importance of lifting ones spirits via hash dabs prior to indulging in an extravagant meal? I think not. Everything tastes better after a few hash tokes! Just be careful that you don’t overdo it. Because although chalky antacids come in artificial fruit flavors, they are a less than ideal desert choice.

5. Stay in and have a stoner movie marathon! Going out & about on Valentine’s Day means that you run a great risk of being surrounded by couples basking in their devoted love for one another. So, in order to avoid enduring whiplash due to couples-in-love-avoidance, the best thing to do is stay home! Invite a group of your single friends over to your place for a night of toker-friendly flicks. Instruct everyone that’s invited to rent their favorite stoner movie, acquire their favorite strain and bring their favorite snacks for a friend-filled evening of stoner fun!

Being single can suck, but it’s not the end of the world. So, whether you’re single by choice or you’ve recently been kicked to the curb like a sack of Mexican brick weed, make the best of it and celebrate with friends and marijuana! Or just marijuana! Or just friends! Or don’t celebrate at all! If you’re not going to celebrate, can I have your marijuana? Happy Valentine’s Day, tokers!