strain hunters 1Welcome, aficionados of all-things-kind-bud, to another installment of Saturday at the Movies! For this week’s movie we are tagging along with the boys from Greenhouse Seeds Co. as they traverse into the bush of Jamaica searching out original landrace strains of da kind, mon!

The Strain Hunters take us high into the hills and way off the beaten path to meet local ganja farmers and explore their gardens of sticky goodness. The film doesn’t have subtitles, so it might be difficult to ascertain exactly what some of the Rasta gardeners are saying, unless you’re fluent in Rastafarian.

So, bust up a pile of your favorite strain, iso-scrub that nasty ass implement of combustion and let’s toke along with the Strain Hunters and the Rasta ganja farmers from the mystifying country of Jamaica!

Thanks for flying with The 420 Times! We hope you enjoy the in-flight movie! The “no smoking” sign has been turned off for your convenience.


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