Flag_of_Uruguay.svgThe debate to legalize marijuana for adults came to an end yesterday in Uruguay with the Senate voting to approve the law by a narrow margin of 16 to 13. The Congress’ lower house approved the legislation back in July of this year.

The final details haven’t been hammered out as of yet, but preliminary proposals suggested that adults would be allowed to cultivate up to six plants and possess as much as 480 grams of dried flowers for personal use. There was also mention of permitting private marijuana clubs with member allowances ranging from 15 to 45 individuals. The private clubs would also be allowed to cultivate up to 90 plants in order to be consumed by club members.

survey 1Those that choose to use da kind are subjected to register in order to do so legally, and those claiming to use marijuana for medical purposes would have to show written approval from a physician.

Now that the law has successfully traversed the gauntlet of governmental scrutiny, officials will have an allotted period of 120 days to draft and implement regulations for the newly adopted drug policy.

“Today is an historic day. Many countries of Latin America, and many governments, will take this law as an example,” Uruguayan Senator Constanza Moreira avowed.

Crowd responds to the Senate’s vote.