200px-Flag_of_Tennessee.svg (1)Once again, Tennessee State Representative Sherry Jones is sponsoring a bill that would permit qualified individuals suffering with a certain debilitating disease or medical condition to obtain safe access to pharmacy-dispensed medical marijuana.

The initial effort of the bill, “Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act,” in 2012 was unsuccessful, but proponents of the legislation feel that the legislation has a better chance of passing in 2014.

For one Tennessee family, the hopes of the bill being successful in 2014 is too far off due to the fact that their 20-month-old daughter, Millie Mattison, suffers with incapacitating seizures that traditional medicine has ineffectively been able to treat.

The Mattison family is one of hundreds of families across the nation that have decided to pull up roots, pack up their personal belongings and move to Colorado where they can safely and legally access a highly-concentrated form of hash oil rich in the non-psychoactive cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) that’s been anecdotally proven to help individuals suffering with epilepsy and related disorders.

doctors 5Millie’s dad claimed that he had contemplated traveling to Colorado to obtain the CBD oil in order to help his daughter, but felt the risk of being ensnared by law enforcement was too great. So instead of allowing his daughter to continue suffering, he has decided to sell his business and relocate his family in hopes of saving Millie’s life.

You can help families with stories similar to the Mattison’s by following this link and signing the petition that is just a handful of signatures away from its goal of 500 names. No one should have to leave the hometown that they love just to save a loved one. Be the change and help bring legalization to Tennessee! Stay tuned to The 420 Times for any updates regarding this bill and for all your marijuana community news.

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  1. Diane McArthur

    the sad Truth is that even if the Bill passes in 2014 in TN. It may Not be safe Cannabis. What assurances will the residents have that the pharmaceutical companies, will provide non pesticide and Non GMO Cannabis?

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